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Ein „Danke“ aus Guatemala

19. Mai 2020

Dear friends of TsW.

Today is Saturday and we are in lookdown in Guatemala. We can only go to the store from 8 am to 11 am… so I have taken time to write you and inform you what we have been doing with you support..

We have distributed food to many communities around us…. we identified the more needed families with the help of volunteers and local leaders… so we made a good use of the over 1000 rations that you financed. (The total income includes a small donation of 2000 USD we received from a young missionary of the US and 1000 US of our own resources from the microcredit program).

We have contributes with all  the administration cost, two private cars and gasoline and about 50 volunteers from the communities, church volunteers and families of our staff, missionaries and friends etc… so with you have formed a service community in this dark night.  Many times we were afraid to be infected with the virus a we distributed food in communities that have had positive and active cases…. our families in our homes were afraid of our outing and protested our activity,  but thank goodness we have not got infected so far and we tell them of the great need we have seen in the families and their deep thanks for the ration they received.

We have still 200 hundred rations to give next week… we have open roads as the humanitarian cars can pass the road bloks… we marked the cars with the CAFNIMA logo and were able to go to communities with sanitary lookdowns. We became front line workers with food rations thanks to you.

The Rainer institute is still working. The teachers are going to CAFNIMA to work online with the students. We give the students material of study every 15 days and we they are continuing studying. Se we are paying their salary. This week we had a delicate situation. Two brothers did not come to pick up their material and we called them home. The mother told us thas she and her two kids became infected. They were receiving their material on Tuesday 10 days ago and were in contact with all the teachers… although with face masks and social distance. We just learned this just this Wendsday, after nine days.  We sent all of our teachers to cuarenting for 15 days. So they will return to CAFNIMA on Tuesday next week but none have had symptoms of infection so far. S CAFNIMA is made of several humble heroes. I can mention that Mardo… with 56 years of age has gone to Guatemala every day to coordinate purchases, the educational program and the recuperation of our microcredit program.

We learned last week that the very poor human settlements around Casa Amarilla got people infected. The government closed some of them and gave them food rations…. so they are not in urgent need but they will be in the next weeks. We got a specific donation to be able to provide food rations to all our  preschool children for 3 consecutive times… we gave rations to all the students of the Rainer Institute and about 500 rations to recyclers families of the dump with a donations of other Jurgen Whan and Talita Kumi of Switzeland that amounted for 8000 USD.

In the Ulpan region were have helped us in the past, there are no cases of covid or famine yet.

In this time of darkness, also has become a time of light though love and you are a big part of this effort. We thank you very deepy with our heart. As the families say to us… thank you…. thank you… may God give to you too.

I pray for all of you…for the protection and health of Rainer and all of you.

In solidarity….


Dear Angelika, Rainer, Stefan, Christian and other friends of TsW.

Warm greetings from Guatemala. With your generous and kind support we have delivered food rations to 1010 families. We selected the poorest families, as elder, single moderts and families with a three or more children were with 100% lost income. These constitute about 30% of the total of families in the communities.

San Rafale. Municipalidad Itzapa 39
Aldea Soledad, Municipalidad Acatenango 80
Aldea Quisache, Municipio Yepocapa 148
Pajales II. Municipalidad Acatenango 91
San Jose Calderas. Itzapa 140
Aldea Campamento, Mun. Acatenango 77
Aldea Vuelta Grande, El Hato. Sacatepeq. 34
2da. Repartición en San Jose Calderas 145
Pajales I. Municipalidad Acatenango 60
Aldea Muni. San Jose Poaquil 91
El Pinal, Bella Vista.Municipio  Jalapa 91
El Rodeo, Municipalidad de Escuintla 18
Families Total 1010

Eache ration consist and cost:

Product Cuantity x family Measure/Unit Price per item Cost per ration
Incaparina (Protein supplement) 2 bags of 1 pound 8.75 17.5
Sugar 2.5 Pound (460 grs.) 3.5 8.75
Black beens 7.5 Pound (460 grs.) 5.5 41.25
Vegetable oil 1 liter 9.17 9.17
Rice 5 Pound (460 grs.) 3.5 17.5
Laundry Soap 1 unit 4.17 4.17
        TOTAL Q. 98.34
or 12.85 USD

With these, we want to inform on the food distribution…. but as this email is very heavy…. many photos, let me do this email No. 1 and a second one I will share my comments on the activity for you. 

Christian Aponte