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Jahresbericht aus Guatemala 2014: Institutio Rainer Sanchez

10. Dezember 2014

Hallo Christian,

thank you for the traduccion of the reports – now everybody of my team is able to see the progresses.
By the end of this year there is a little change in our organisation. My collegues will more and more take over responsability because I am in my 83th year of life, and who knows….
Unfortunately none of them speaks Spanish, and so it is very important that all official correspondance and specially reports are written in English in order to guarantee an unproblematic continuation of our cooperation. It will mainly be Stefan Bolln and Helga Pergande who are responsable for the Guatemaltecan projects. But also Christian Bornholdt, Angelika Bulla,Karin Sch rmann and Melanie Krause will be aware of all activities. Please inform all concerned persons with my very best regards. It is evident that our personal correspondance can continue in my beloved Spanish language.
All best wishes to you and your family
> Rainer. La traducci n del trabajo del Instituto Rainer 2014. Ma ana es
> la graduaci n de los j venes y te envio las fotos de esta despu s. Un
> abrazo. Christian

Jahresbericht des Institutio Rainer Sanchez: