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Korrespondenz mit Guatemala

12. Mai 2013

Original Message —– From: Christian Aponte To: Rainer Sanchez Cc: Eva Morales ; Jesus Armando Pantzey Perez Sent: Thursday, May 09, 2013 2:07 AM Subject: Fwd: Informe corregido de Instituto Rainer

Rainer. Te mando el informe traducido al inglés como te ofrecí.  Gracias por la preocupación del equipo. Todos son un gran equipo que Dios ha puesto junto para servir y si, a veces tengo miedo que algo les pase… pero solo nos queda pedir la protección de los Alto y no ser tontos en arriesgarse innecesariamente. Nos vemos. Christian

Übersetzung:   Rainer, ich schicke Dir hier die englische >Version des Berichtes wie versprochen. Hab Dank für Deine Sorge um unser Team. Es ist tatsächlich ein grossartiges Team, das Gott für die Aufgabe eingesetzt hat – und manchmal habe ich Angst, das etwas passieren könnte … aber wir können nur für ihren Schutz beten und dafür sorgen, dass sie nicht allzu grosse Risiken eingehen. Gruss Christian

Primer informe 2013 – versioen en inglees (Englische Version)

Primer informe 2013 (Spanische Version)

cumple-años-Sr.-Rainer (Foto)


—– Original Message —– From: Christian Aponte To: Rainer Sanchez Sent: Tuesday, May 07, 2013 11:33 PM Subject: Re: Informe corregido de Instituto Rainer

Hola Rainer. Que gran alegría con la aprobación del proyecto agrícola y también que ustedes va a ser parte del proyecto Ulpán. Ya le dije a Ricardo Juc, el responsable del proyecto de agricultura y se puso muy contento.

Hello Rainer. What a great news is the approval of the agricultural project and we are very happy that you will be part of the Ulpan Project. I already told Ricardo Juc, the person responsable of the agricultural project and he was very happy of the oportunity to benefit more families of Ulpan with the alternative agriculture project.

In regards with the Cobar youngsters… Yoisi, the lady administrating of the Lomas Project, has been in contact with Wilson and she will visit him in order to propouse him some help to continue his studies. And on the 30th of May, the judge in charge of Hellen´s custody case will decide if she will be put on the care of her aunt, her father sister. Jousi will go to the court session to offer this family some support for the support of Hellen. So lets see if we need some finantial assistance, after we have results from this two meetigns.

I will receive the english translation of the report we sent you and then I will send it via email.

So greetings to all and thank you again for all this good news.

Hope you received the greetings fot the Rainer institute student for your birthday. We all wish you wellness and joy.

Christian Aponte


2013/5/7 Rainer Sanchez <> Hola Christian, thank you very much for your information of April 27 – I answer in English for a better understanding of my partners. It’s very encouraging to see the positive deverlopment of the institute in the last few years.Let’s hope that it will continue in the same way in the following years without any interruption forced by external violence. We have seen the news-paper-report about violence in the surrounding of the casa amarilla and we are really shocked. The more we do admire the coolness and courage of the people working there. Your news about Helen and Wilson are really very sad. Obviously there is no way for them to escape from this horrific circulum viciosum. It is so difficult to juge from here what could be the best way to help them. I think , you, being on place, can decide the best what to do. And we will follow your advices if we can help financially.   And now I turn to better news: the Erbacher – foundation has decided to grant an amount of € 10.000.– for the project 150 familias en el valle Ulpan. And we will increase this amount by € 5.000.–, so that the total of € 15.000.– or roughly $ 19.500.– will cover about 50% of your forecast. Please let me know the account for transfer – same as usual or another? Seeing forward to your English version of the information- best regards from Gabi and un abrazo para Rosi all best wishes Rainer